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The Start Has Been Done

Просто картинка

The project of Samara Golf & Country Club is amazing in its scale. It’s beyond the comparison to any existing projects of this type in Russia and in Europe, as it includes five 18-holes adjoining golf courses, designed and created in the vast landscape of fields and hills, between two villages – Syreika and Choobovka (Kinel municipality, Samara region).

The Golf Club beginners and visitors will learn and practice to play golf on the Driving Range. A Golf School coaches will train children to start with golf.

Additionally they will be able to practice in gyms, on tennis courts and in swimming pools and use the other facilities included into infrastructure of the project.





Construction works on the golf site

The construction works on the golf site and in the future living areas are continued.




The 1ST Golf Championship in Samara region

took place in Syreika on September, 18-19.




Four mats are available for trainings.

NOW you can receive the knowledge of technique or master the golf elements on the Driving Range near Syreika.

The first visitors are happy to make swings and shots on the Driving Range.

These days 4 mats are available for trainings from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.
By the end of next week 15 mats will be used for practicing.

Contact tel: +7 (967) 49 20 870




Opening of driving range

Starting from August, 26, the DR will be open from 10 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.




Construction on the site is in process

Construction on the site is in process: earth works on Fairways 9, 18 and Pond C. (Picture 1).

But the possibility to practice on Driving range is being postponed (which was previously scheduled for August, 5) till the second part of August because of delay in delivery of equipment. The date of DR opening will be announced additionally, after the 10th of August. (Picture 2).

Picture 1

Picture 2




The Driving Range.

The leveling of driving range is being completed now. Also in process is furnishing the area close to DR and buying equipment for training.

The players will train from the hard tee.
The open hours: 11.00 a.m. – 7.00 p.m.
To rent a club for the period of playing – Rb. 75,00.
A basket with 40 balls – Rb. 150,00
Instructions of the coach will be free.

The opening of DR is scheduled for around the 5 th of August. Follow the NEWS for the more precise date of the DR opening




Forming the rough relief

Construction on the golf site is going on starting from the middle of April. Forming the rough relief is under way.

Fairway 1 and the barrage in Pond D

Making rough relief on Fairway 18

Filling the barrage in Pond D




Realization of plots for villas and houses Micro-Area D.

Realization of plots for villas and houses Micro-Area D. 2/3 of available plots have been sold.

On RF Legislation the evaluation of land is executed once in 5 years. The latest evaluation of land was performed in January, 2009.

According to the latest evaluation, the price on land in the settlement Syreika of Kinel Municipality, makes up 95,00 Rb/sq.m. A cadastre price of 1000 sq.m plot (which is an average plot) is 95 000 Rbs.

The Tax on land is 2%, that makes in Rbs. 1 900 a year (on 02/03/09 = EUR 42,00).




The construction on the site of the first golf course started

The construction on the site of the first golf course started in mid October, 2008. The works were constantly under way till the end of December. Within this space of time the following works were performed:

  • Execution of GPRS survey on the site. Sticking tees, greens, fairways and ponds.
  • Cutting and filling on fairways .
  • Removing soil and making rough relief on Holes 1, 5, 6, 9, 10, 12, 13-15, 18.
  • Making access roads.
  • Shaping the banks of ponds.
  • Construction of barrages between ponds.
  • Construction of Green 14, which is designed as an island in the Pond.

Making fairways 9 and 10.

Filling the barrage between Ponds C and D.

The formed dam for Pond C and rough relief of Hole 10.

The construction of green 14.

The barrage forming the Pond A, which will be filled with water in spring time.

The formed barrage between Ponds A and B.

Because of weather conditions the performance of works is postponed till March, 2009.


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