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The Start Has Been Done

Просто картинка

The project of Samara Golf & Country Club is amazing in its scale. It’s beyond the comparison to any existing projects of this type in Russia and in Europe, as it includes five 18-holes adjoining golf courses, designed and created in the vast landscape of fields and hills, between two villages – Syreika and Choobovka (Kinel municipality, Samara region).

The Golf Club beginners and visitors will learn and practice to play golf on the Driving Range. A Golf School coaches will train children to start with golf.

Additionally they will be able to practice in gyms, on tennis courts and in swimming pools and use the other facilities included into infrastructure of the project.

Golf Club

Owners and Regulations

The General.

SGCC offers the full infrastructure of the golf resort, facilities for playing golf and learning it. The area is located in 30 km from the city center in a picturesque countryside.

SGCC is a public club.

Golf course is available to Club members and to guests. Guests should pay green-fee.

The Owners.

The Owner of SGCC is Samarskije Pjatachki LLC.

The club was formed by the director on December, 10, 2007 on the grounds of Samarskije Pjatachki company Charters.

The present Regulations define the relationship of Samarskie Pjatachki LLC, hereinafter referred to as the Owner with the members and guests of the Club.
Members of the Club are citizens intending to enjoy the services provided by the Club, to play golf and to participate in social events arranged by the Club.

The Club Management

The Club is managed by Administration appointed by the Owner. Members of the Club are electing the executive Board. The Board works out recommendations on development and improvements in Club activity. The Board forms the membership Committee and Golf Committee.

The Committee is entered by 5 most respectful members on a voluntary basis (without a salary).

The management of the club is performed by Golf director who is appointed and dismissed by the General director of Samarskije Pjatachki LLC on the grounds of standard contract and with consent of the Board.

Golf director is subordinated to the General director.

The club director:

  • Makes up and confirms the time schedule of games on the golf course. In making up the schedule he consults with the Board with exception when it concerns the play of VIP members;
  • Issues and member cards;
  • Determines the form of payment registration and is recording the fee payments;
  • Provides for the observance of rules and requirements on the golf course;
  • Consults and takes into account the opinion of the Board.

Obligations of the Club

The Owner informs the Members on: the full name of the company, its location, legal address and the reception hours. This information is available on the announcement board and on site www.golf-samara.ru/en

In cases of occasional suspensions in club activities (sanitary inspection, repairs, etc) the Members will be notified in due time about such occasions.

In proper time the Owner provides information to the Club Members on:

  • Existing standards and requirements to the Members;
  • The list of available services;
  • The time periods for provision of services;
  • Price list on services, terms of payment, involved facilities and used materials;
  • The Time-schedule for games and training.

The Members are acquainted with the Company bylaws and regulations. This information is always available.

The Owner has a Visitors book intended for offers from members and guests.


The Club is for 7 000 members.

Membership Persons Entrance Fee (Rb., incl. VAT) Annual Fee (Rb., incl. VAT)
VIP 500 540 000 20 000
Individuals 5 000 180 000 12 000
Social members 1 500 75 000 5 500

Annual Fee is paid, starting from the next year after becoming a club member. Annual Fee is due to pay before March, 31 of every year.

The amounts of fees shown in the Table are effective till the first 150 playing rights are released. Then the amounts of fees canl be re-considered by the Owner and Administration.


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